Word Soccer


Game Type

Turn game: you can play this game only if other player is online



The goal of the game is to create as many valid nouns as possible and to score more goals than your opponent in 6 rounds. If the match is in a tie then the first goal decides.



Words are created by clicking on letters in the stack. When you click on a letter in an edited word it will be put back in the stack. When you click on "Send" button (right next the edited word) the word will move in the list of created words in the upper left panel. When you click on "Clear" button the word will be canceled and remaining letters will move in the stack. It is possible to show the playing area in the foreground by clicking on it to see the current state of the round - the path to the goal. When you click again the playing area will be hidden.



Both the players play concurrently. Every player has 90 seconds to create as many nouns as possible from 11 letters in the stack (letters may be used in next words repeatedly). The Czech letter CH is evaluated as 2 letters. Nouns that are not in the wordbook will turn gray and move down (they will be eliminated). After every round the words of both players are compared and eliminated those that are the same. This means that only the valid and unique words stay in the list. Those words are drawn then in the trajectory of 20 positions (letters) on the playing area. Every position greater than the 20th one stands for goal. If both players pass the goal line simultaneously then the higher number of positions decides. The next important case of evaluation is players' being red/yellow-carded. A player is yellow-carded when their longest valid word is shorter than the opponent's longest valid word. A player is red-carded when their opponent used all the letters in the stack. A red card implies that in the next round the player's last enabled letter in the stack will become disabled.






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