Sudoku Duel




The goal of the game is to fill in a grid with 81 digits (size of 9x9 cells) with remaining digits 1 up to 9 so that no digit appears in a row, a column, or a box (size of 3x3 cells) no more than once. The difficulty of the Sudoku game is particularly given how difficult is to find out what digit to fill and the total number of cells that are empty. You can write hints i.e. small digits you think that are candidate digits in a given cell. You can use candidate digits not only for overview but also for simple or advanced strategies.



The game control is performed by mouse. When you click with left mouse button a circle with 9 digits appears. When you select a digit you can do two actions. By pressing a digit you write a candidate digit, and by pressing a digit with a short delay you fill in a final digit.