The game consists of several rounds where the players simultaneously attempt to guess a secret word or phrase letter by letter. A successful round ensures your mountaineer climbs up the face. However, an unsuccessful round means an unwelcome descent. The first to the top wins! If 2 or more players reach the summit at the same time then the player that would potentially reach the highest altitude wins.



For each round use your mouse to do 1 of 4 possible actions:

  • Select a single letter by clicking on one of the letters from the pyramid.
  • Attempt to guess the whole word or phrase by clicking on the blue button with a double up-pointing arrow. You have one attempt at this for every uncompleted word or phrase. Be careful! A wrong guess means starting again from the bottom or from your holdfast lower down the face if you used one (see below).
  • Secure yourself to the face with a holdfast using the yellow button with the holdfast symbol. Every player has 3 holdfasts available.
  • To skip a move.