Hockey Duel


Game Type

Ghost game: you can play now a send invitation to your buddy



You are the center forward of the hockey team and you have to shoot as many goals as possible. The weakest place is indicated with a target but it's not easy as you would expect. You have to use perfect timing for each shoot or you gain less points than you would at the right time.



The game controls are arrow keys. The horizontal keys determines the shoot direction, the pressed time of the vertical key determines the power of the shoot.



As soon as you hit the target the more points you gain. The duration of the target and its value is indicated by color that changes from green (300 points) to red (100 points). Moreover, in the second and third period the red color means the target will disappear. In the first period the target disappears only if you hit it. If you hit a furious fan you can gain a special bonus of 200 points.






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